Writing Challenges

It’s not always easy to sit in front of your laptop or a blank page and write whatever comes to your mind. There are days when there is virtually nothing in your mind. Sometimes, you look down at a piece of paper and have no words to fill it.

It is a common problem, especially when you are tired, stressed, or a little under the weather, so don’t feel bad about it.

These challenges are precisely to help you get through those days. They intend to ignite that spark.

Not all of them will work for everyone… feel free to try. Share your results if you want. We’d love to share your stories. You can also give new challenge ideas too. Let’s make this space our own!

For now, I leave you with the first challenge of all.

Challenge 1

Open up a book, any book, and open it to a random page. Read the first sentence that pops up. Don’t need to be the first of the page. Just the first one that your eye caught. (No cheating!)

Now, that’s the first sentence of your new story. Keep going from there.

Challenge 2

What’s your favorite artist or celebrity? It could be a single person (an actor, actress, or any other person you admire) or a group, like a music band.

How do you think a day in their lives would be like? Write it down – one day in their skin! You can go as wild as you want.


This blog serves the purpose of helping all of those who likes to write to get technical information as well as, having a safe harbor to discuss ideas.

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