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I started this campaign with the goal of promoting both young authors and their work, and I think that Kristofer Young totally deserves to see his work grow.

So, I’m counting on you to give him a change, read his great book and hopefully spread the word. 😉

Title: War of Virtue
Author: Kristofer Young
Pages: 246

Synopsis: What if you discovered that there was a war being waged over humanities existence? That this war was fueled by the deeds of men? Daniel soon learns the truth and finds more than he bargained for when he is suddenly thrust into the middle of this conflict. He, and many others like him, joins angels who are defending a fortress, the last line of defense that protects a portal which grants passage to the mortal plane of existence…our realm. They must stand together against an army of demons trying to cross over and wreck havoc on humanity. Daniel and his allies face tough battles ahead as their strength is pushed to the limit and their courage is tested. Can the human race survive or will they be destroyed by their own demons?

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