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Writing about yourself: both terrifying and rewarding

The odyssey goes on. It’s not easy to find the time to write, stream yourself doing it and everything, but, for now, everything seems to be going fine.

Every time I’m about to start the stream, I feel some butterflies in my stomach and ask myself if I should really do it. Not just the stream, but the whole idea surrounding the book. It’s scary but I keep going.

And, at least for now, I’m glad I’m doing it, I’m glad that every time I feel like giving up, I have this amazing husband telling me not to and I’m glad I’ve been listening to him.

This whole experience was about helping other Aspie women and parents that might be dealing with such a problem with their kids and might be scared and lost, but it has also helped me out quite a bit. Talking about it, getting me to stop hiding was one of the best things I could’ve ever done. It brought some blogs about the subject, some people on Twitter and basically a whole new world into my life. Into the spotlight, so to say.

So many things are becoming clearer as I keep talking with other Aspies and reading about their experiences and struggles, as well as sharing my own. It feels great.

Despite the incredibly little amount of time I have in which to write, the book keeps evolving and my enthusiasm about it does not dwindle.

Thank you. All of you!