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Do you wanna read my story?

Have you ever asked this question to anyone? No? You probably should.

Writing for ourselves, such as when you keep a journal, can be really satisfactory, even therapeutic, but if you dream of becoming a writer, that’s not exactly what you want, right? So, is there a proven way to get people to read your texts when you ask them to? No, not really. So, enough with the shame or fears of rejection and start doing it already! It’ll only get better!

A writer invests so much of their time and energy on work and often enough (somehow most writers are really shy), they don’t show it to anyone… That’s probably the worst thing you could do. You need some feedback and to face people, those who liked what you wrote and even those who didn’t. This will help you grow as a writer and prepare yourself for the next step: publishing.

It doesn’t really matter if you invited 10 people to read your story, but only one or two really followed through and did it. These are the important ones. Do not be discouraged.

Publishing a book is hard, and if you like to write short stories and poems it’s even definitely harder. So you need a previous publishing track record before you publish a book-length collection. So, first, you show your stories to close friends and family and ask for their opinion. Of course, they probably won’t be as objective as you’d like, but it’s a start. You can also post your work at blogs or your on-line page, if you have one.

Next step would be to send your best story or poem to some literary magazines or journals (if you don’t know any, you can research at libraries, book stores and even on-line, where you’ll find a lot of them that you can actually peruse or read for free). You will have to prepare yourself to deal with rejection, but as long as you keep writing and improving your work, eventually you will be accepted and this will build up that track record that we were talking about.

You have to choose carefully, not only carefully selecting some of your work which should be viewed, reviewed and improved many times before you even send it, but also when choosing the magazine itself, since there are plenty of those with many different target audience. You must choose the one which seems like a good fit for your writing, (which would mean, the one that publishes stories or poems, somewhat similar to yours) and carefully read their publishing guidelines.

You can find some of those magazines here.

Now, start showing off some of your work as soon as possible and no matter how many negative answers you end up receiving (most writers receive a lot during their career), you must keep in mind that these are just further opportunities to improve, to grow and above all else, more opportunities to show to everyone and mostly yourself, that you’ll never give up.