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Linguistic Prejudices

I’m portuguese and I love my country, as well as my native tongue, but the portuguese language is definitely not a “selling point” for books.

I find this to be sort of sad, and it took me quite a long time to finally admit it. But, the truth is that even portuguese people seem to prefer reading in English.

So, I have to surrender, because writing is kind of who I am… If it being in English is what is required, so be it.

My English is not perfect (nor even close to it), and I don’t believe that I will ever be so good at it, as I am at my native tongue, since in reality, currently, my husband has to review EVERYTHING I write before I put it on-line. It’s not ideal but, for now… this is the only way.

So, I’m thinking about stopping myself from writing in Portuguese at all. What do you think? Should I keep writing in both languages? Or should I finally give up on Portuguese and just write EVERYTHING in English?