Do you want success? You alone are not enough

Writing is considering a pretty solitary job, but if you want to be successful you might have to re-think that notion.

When you want to pick some of your ideas to create a story around, you may get disappointed, because sometimes, these only truly make inside your own head, in accordance with your personal stories and experiences. So, could these ideas survive the transition to paper?

Often times they won’t. Yet, it’s hard for you to definitively say that’ll be the case, at least before countless hours of hard work, because you won’t be able to remain impartial on the matter. It could take at least several months of work until you realize the story isn’t as viable as you had though. You definitely want to try to avoid this.

So before you jump into some terrific story you might have in mind, share it with a few people, see how they react and try to make it sound more appealing. Try to sell it! Talking with other writers can be an amazing growth experience, as for once, you will feel understood!

Quiet and solitude are good when you’re working, but you need to be connected with the world. Share your experiences, talk with other writers, they currently have, or have had in the past, the same problems that you do, and sometimes they can help you cope, deal with it or even get over some particular hurdles and obstacles.

Use social media, create your own group if you’d prefer, promote meetings and events, be active and see your community grow. Believe me, this will make you feel good and have something to fall back on when things aren’t so great.

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